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The Water Valve is the smallest water valve in the world for storage tanks and toilet cisterns. It is top fitting for maximum water capacity and has no moving parts on the outside which means it does not corrode or fail. It is easy to install and is offered with a selection of connectors to ensure it fits every water tank installation. The water valve needs no adjustment and is maintenance free, simply "fit 'n’ forget".

The Water Valve is manufactured by Abertax Technologies, a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of water inlet valves. It is WRAS approved (1209334) so you can be sure of its quality and Abertax is so confident in its performance that each Water Valve comes with a guarantee that is valid for the lifetime of your water tank!

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High Flow Rates
Without the Noise

The Water Valve features a float with an embedded magnet that operates a diaphragm type valve. The rising water level lifts the float, the magnet inside the float then lifts a stainless steel pilot plunger which closes the valve. The "shut-off" is instantaneous and there is no intermediate flow which means no more dripping toilet valves and no more wasted money.

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